April 13 – May 3

  • GRASSFED Beef Kabobs @ $5.99/lb
  • ORGANIC Guacamole @ $6.99/lb
  • ORGANIC Blueberries @ $4.99ea
  • HOUSEMADE Pork Sausage Links @ $3.99/lb
  • LOCAL Butterflied Boneless Leg of Lamb @ $9.99/lb
  • HOUSEMADE Pulled Pork Sandwich @ $6.99
  • The Grapevine Newsletter – March by Alfalfa's

    Welcome to March Madness in the Cellar! Not only do we have some great beer sales and beer tastings this month but we are getting ready for spring with some ...
  • Alfalfa’s Roots: Volume I Issue I by Alfalfa's

    Roots by Steven Paul Winkelstein The history of Alfalfa’s Market is a rich one, grown in the eclectic, spirited soil that is the Boulder community. As some native ...
  • All Businesses Should Recycle by Alfalfa's

    Written by our very own Edmée Knight and Steve Carr from Boulder Valley Credit Union.

    Recycling and composting are easy actions we can take now to reduce our negative impact on ...

  • Recall of “Sweet 2 Eat” and “Sweet O” Stone Fruits by Alfalfa's

    Wawona Packing has instituted a voluntary recall of specific lots of peaches (white and yellow) and nectarines (white and yellow) which were packed between July 1 and July 12th, 2014. ...