July 2 – July 29 Flyer

  • Organic Pluots @ $1.59/lb (save $1.19/lb)
  • Housemade Chicken Fiesta Burger @ $4.99/lb (save $1/lb) 
  • C20 Coconut Water @ 2/$4
  • Housemade Cheesecake Slices @ $2.99 (save 50¢)
  • Alfalfa’s Maté @ 50¢ OFF all sizes
  • Recla Speck-Alto Adige @ $14.99/lb 
  • Organic Pluots @ $1.59/lb (save $1.19/lb)
  • Woods High Mountain Whiskey and Gin @ $3 OFF


  • Recall of “Sweet 2 Eat” and “Sweet O” Stone Fruits by Alfalfa's

    Wawona Packing has instituted a voluntary recall of specific lots of peaches (white and yellow) and nectarines (white and yellow) which were packed between July 1 and July 12th, 2014. ...

  • How Well Do You Know Alfalfa’s? by Alfalfa's

    Well, we’ve done it! We’ve opened our second store, and we’re thrilled to be a new part of the Louisville community. So to our new customers, and to our most ...

  • Hemp for a Healthy Future by Alfalfa's

    Thomas Jefferson once said, “Hemp is of greatest importance to our nation.” Boy, did he have the long view. Today, the U.S. hemp industry has estimated annual retail sales of ...

  • Estrogen Dominance and Your Health by Alfalfa's

    Written by Elise Tyrie originally for Wish Garden Herbs.

    Most of us don’t think about our hormones that often, but I assure you, they play a ...