• Tread Lighter at Alfalfa’s! by Alfalfa's

    by Edmée Knight

    April is a special time for us here at Alfalfa's.With both Earth Day and our Birthday (B'earthday, if you will) celebrations, we're putting sustainability in the spotlight! Looking ...

  • Be Heart-Healthy This February by Alfalfa's

    February is the month for romance, but it's also a time to think about keeping your heart in tiptop shape. After all, the heart pumps vital nutrients and oxygen ...

  • January Is Time to Cleanse! by Alfalfa's

    by Helen Vernier and Mary Kloberdanz

    In today’s world we absorb unwanted toxins, which can limit our body’s potential. Juicing floods our system with powerful nutrients and antioxidants that eliminate ...

  • Oatmeal Month by Alfalfa's

    January happens to be Oatmeal Month, so why not add this amazing breakfast item to your daily routine? Here are just a few reasons:

    Did you know that oats have ...

April 2 – 29 Flyer

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