Assistant Store Director 

Matthew was born and raised in New Jersey but got bitten by the “curse of Chief Niwot” at the tender age of 16. After going to School at Fairview High, he was destined to become a Boulderite.

The journey to Alfalfa’s Market was by way of the restaurant business. He ran upscale restaurants in the Seattle area for two decades and raised a family in the beautiful Pacific Northwest while learning to appreciate different cuisines in the industry.

Always a foodie and bringing a background of gourmet cooking combined with business management, Matthew moved into a career with Alfalfa’s. If you see Matthew around the store, ask him what he’s been cooking at home, he’d love to share his passion!

Matthew loves that Alfalfa’s delivers an unmatched level of quality products and takes a stand on the food and nutrition issues that are critical to the health of our community, its people and the planet.  It also doesn’t hurt that Colorado has some of the best skiing in the world! 


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