Have you been told “Fibromyalgia is all in Your Head“

Louisville: Saturday 10th 1-3pm

Saturday, October 10th, 1pm Free

Join Jeffrey Gappa, D.C. DABCI, AP-C from Complete Care of Colorado

Say goodbye to tender points

Fibromyalgia is much better understood now than ever before.

You will learn what the literature is saying about fibromyalgia and that it is now being considered a central nervous system problem.  Now that we know this,effective treatment is possible.

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Gluten-Free Tasting Fair

Boulder: Sunday October 11th, 11am-2pm

Sunday, October 11, 11am-2pm   Come celebrate Gluten-Free Month with tasty treats from a handful of our wonderful gluten-free vendors! Snack, shop and celebrate gluten-free!

A guide to meditation.

Louisville: Friday, 16th 6-7pm

Steps to lead a less stressful life.

Lena Wenzel

Guided meditation through stillness, music,scent and relaxing.

What is meditation and why do we practice it?

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Gluten-FREE Tasting Fair

Louisville: Saturday 17th 4-6pm

Come celebrate Gluten-Free Month with tasty treats from some of our most favorite gluten-free vendors! Snack, shop and smile! Yummy

Traditional Fermentation Workshop

Louisville: Tuesday, Oct 20th 5-8pm

What to do with that jar once you have it.

• Book signing of Fermented Vegetables

• A simple fermentation demonstration

• How to incorporate fermented foods into your diet

• How to start thinking about how to put menus together

$5 for class, sign up here or at guest services

Kristen Shockey Co Auther of Fermented Vegetables

Creative Recipes for Fermenting 80 Vegetables & Herbs In