Vector Point Cranial Therapy

Wednesday, August 6th

6:30 to 8:00pm

Alfalfa's Community Room, Boulder Store

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Join Dr. Steve Neeley for an informative discussion and Q&A session on advanced cranial therapy and the methods and benefits of vector point cranial therapy. 

With this unique, non-force and non-invasive technique used to treat pain anywhere in the spine and extremities directly from the head. Dr. Neeley will go over the benefits and preventative methods that accompany this special form of therapy and touch on just how many different misalignments and types of inflammation can be addressed with vector point therapy. There are so many health benefits associated with a healthy and well-balanced spine, so join Dr. Neeley and see if your body could use some realignment!

Dr. Neeley also treats for chemical, heavy metal, and environmental sensitivities and offers a wealth of knowledge on homeopathic remedies for environmental toxins.

Louisville Street Faire

Downtown Louisville


We'll have a booth with samples and goodies at every Louisville Street Faire this summer! If you've been to a Louisville Street Faire before, you know it's full of music, food, and fun, so stop by our booth for free food and products! We'll also have great deals and coupons for our Louisville store on E. South Boulder Rd. and Centennial.

Chautauqua Concert Series

All Summer Long!

If you're going to any Chautauqua concerts this summer, be sure to stop by our booth and say hello! We'll be out front on the lawn with FREE food and drink and coupons. Sometimes we even have some extra tickets to the show! We'll be at the following concerts this summer:

July 5th – Bela Fleck and Brooklyn Rider

July 28th – Rufus Wainwright

August 9th – Paula Poundstone

August 12th – B.B. King

August 28th – Ziggy Marley

September 13th – Stephen Wright

Full concert list: