Winter Bike to Work Day!

Jan 25th 7-9am

Join us in our Boulder and Louisville stores January 25th from 7am - 9am. If you're biking to work, stop by Alfalfa's on your way in for some FREE breakfast! We're known as one of the best stops in town, so don't miss out.

Free Community Yoga at Alfalfa’s

Boulder - Every Sunday, 11am

Alfalfa’s community yoga classes is specially curated for all levels of practitioners. Molly Curtis teaches slow vinyasa classes that create space for students to radically accept themselves where they are. The classes will be carefully crafted with all body types in mind in an effort to expunge stereotypes of yoga and make an accessible platform for all to jump into practice. Molly will tie in connections to the cosmos, the elements, and various yogic philosophies to take your understanding of yoga to a more complex level. These classes are a wonderful opportunity to dive deeper into mindfulness practices, and will create a tangible effect on the rest of your life. You will leave class feeling inspired, yet grounded, with a real-life understanding of how to support your highest health!

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