Staff Favs

Steve Loves the Guru’s Delight!


There are many reasons to love the Guru’s Delight. It’s made with local Hanuman Chai, melted cacao chips, organic cane syrup, and your favorite steamed milk! The earthy chai tones mixed with the sweet chocolate makes for a warm and uplifting treat.

I find this drink to be the perfect afternoon pick-me-up no matter what the weather is like!

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Jesse Loves Brie Mines


Will you brie mine? Domestically made by La Bonne Vie, this Double Cream Brie is perfect for Valentine’s Day.


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Anne Loves Cascina Ballarin Langhe Rosato


Cascina Ballarin is a family owned estate in Monforte d’Alba, Novello, Italy and they have been making wine for three generations. They produce mainly barolo’s and this featured rose, Cascina Ballarin Langhe Rosato, is exceptional in that they use barolo, dolcetto, and barbera grapes. The soils are limestone and blue marlstone which add a beautiful balance of a acidity and depth to the wine which is unique and unforgettable. The family’s passion is making wine, tending to vines, and this sense of dedication to the craft comes through in a fragrant, hint of cherry taste that lingers on the palate in this rose. The Ballarin estate is dedicated to preserving and respecting the environment and they are a sustainable vineyard. It is because this is such an outstanding wine and family that we have chosen this wine as our Cellar favorite!

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Shauna Loves Midnight Moon!


As a cheese lover who is allergic to cow’s dairy, I was elated to find some delicious alternatives in Alfalfa’s Cheese & Specialty department. Our Assistant Manager, Jesse, let me try some of the Midnight Moon one day and I’ve been hooked on this goat gouda ever since. Made in Holland, this goat cheese is nutty and brown buttery up front with a long caramel finish. I love to enjoy it with apple slices, but I’m looking forward to making it into a goat cheese fondue or topping off some macaroni and cheese. 

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Jeff Loves Domaine Jean Gleizes Colombet Rouge!


In my favorite recipe for beef stew, Chef Jaques Pepin suggests a rustic red from Southern France, either Carignan, Syrah, Grenache, Merlot. This is the perfect value wine to answer for cooking and drinking along with a hearty stew as it is a blend of all four varietals for only $9.99. Since the recipe calls for two bottles (one for the pot and one for the table), this is a great way to get rich, earthy flavors for a truly great price!

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Kelly Loves the Housemade Peanut Crunch Cake!


This gem of a dessert has all the components that you look for in a cake– creamy, crunchy, chocolately deliciousness!

We make a hazelnut dacquoise crust, add layers of crunchy peanut butter, chocolate, currants, and cocoa nibs, and then top it off with a creamy chocolate hazelnut mousse. It’s all housemade with high-quality ingredients, and makes for a lusciously decadent treat!

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Amedeo loves Balinese Sea Salt


One of my favorite things in the world are Balinese “Hollow Pyramid” sea salt crystals because they are unlike any other sea salt in the world. Truly. They have a very delicate, subtle salt flavor, a slight sweetness with a bright fast finish. And not only do these little morsels taste amazing, they are a visual delight too!

These coarse grain crystals are a naturally occurring product of the cool, windy days marking the end of monsoon rains. They are very fragile and are gently scooped from the surface of the brine to dry in the exposed wind and sun. How the salt crystals form into large hollow, delicate 4-sided pyramids are an unknown phenomenon. When the local Balinese are asked how and why, they simply respond, TAKSU…. By the hand of God.

I love to sprinkle these on dishes as a garnish or grand accent. Rarity is to be respected.


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