Month: November 2011

Cellar Tasting

Alfalfa’s Cellar ??5pm – 7pmFREE  Every Friday night, our sommeliers serve you free sips of artisan wines, microbrew beers, or specialty spirits paired with expert insights for the enthusiast in you. And it’s not just free sips you get, we also give you years and years of tips and tricks from how make the perfect

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Thanksgiving Menu 2011

Need A Little Help with Thanksgiving… We know it gets a little crazy during Thanksgiving. Sometimes, you just don’t want to spend hours peeling and peeling and mashing and mashing potatoes. And sometimes you’re oven’s just not big enough to cook everything at once. Or just maybe you’d love a little more family time, and little

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Moisturize Your Feet, It Helps With Sleep

These days, getting a good night of sleep is a privilege to most of us. We take work home. We have little kiddos to care for and school projects to help with. We have exams and pull all-nighters. We have our favorite shows to catch up on. We have to train for this, or prepare

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Thanks and Giving Goes A Long Way…From Home

I am currently in Nairobi, Kenya for a work related project far different from the landscape and responsibilities I had at Alfalfa’s. I accepted a short term assignment with a London based organization, ActionAid, with the responsibility of directing the construction of a single classroom in rural Africa for two teams of volunteers from the

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A Spoonful of Mushrooms Makes The Cold Go Down

Winter is near and it’s the perfect time to begin your immune system tonification. A little cold or flue is normal, but you don’t want to catch every bug that comes your way. There are a lot of immune-boosting remedies and tips out there and sometimes it’s hard to navigate the cold-cure clutter. I like

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Don’t Be Afraid to Cook with Dried Beans

We all love convenience and time savers, who doesn’t these days? And sure it’s really easy to grab a can of beans, drain them and toss them into your favorite recipe. But what most people don’t realize is that dried beans are fairly easy to prepare too, and the benefits of using dried beans –

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