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Rethink the Statin ~ Cholesterol is Not the Bad Guy!

People who arrive at my office on a statin frequently complain of one of the following things as a direct side effect of the drug:

Fatigue, mood changes,  irritability, headaches, insomnia heart palpitations, arrhythmias, stomach pain, or muscle weakness

These are all listed right in the Physician’s Drug Information Handbook as common side effects.  But the new news is that users of statins have a 48% increased chance of developing Type II diabetes, even with short term use at low dosages.

 Then What About Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is not the bad guy!

No really, it’s true. Cholesterol is the duct tape of the body. It is for patching up holes (damage) to blood vessels and internal organs.  Cholesterol is actually a structural material for maintaining integrity of vital body parts like your arteries, veins, liver cells, brain cells, and much more.  Here are just a few other things for which cholesterol is needed:

Adrenal and sex hormones are made out of cholesterol. The myelin sheath that protects the brain is made in large part of cholesterol. Every single cell requires cholesterol in its wall or it gets leaky.

What causes damage to blood vessels, brain cells and other internal organs?  Think toxins and inflammation. Car exhaust, solvents such as industrial and household cleaning products, Febreze, paints, heavy metals found right in our food, water, and air on a daily basis.  Not to mention that aluminum in the Tums or baking soda or table salt.

I’m much more concerned about a person’s anti-oxidant status, levels of vital detox nutrients and nutrients for balancing inflammation than I am about their cholesterol levels.  It’s also about balance of essential fats in the diet.  A person on a statin to bring down their cholesterol is still not addressing the reason their cholesterol is high in the first place.

Statins may be called for in cases where cholesterol is extremely high (i.e. over 350 or so) or where triglycerides are very elevated, but this is not the average person you find on a statin.

Think deeper America…

~Dr. Julie M. Barter, ND

Dr. Julie Barter, ND currently practices in Niwot, Colorado, serving the Denver, Boulder and Longmont areas as a natural medicine expert. She is family doctor who works with everyone from infants to seniors. She specializes in women’s and children’s health, food allergies, cancer support, digestive, hormonal and environmental concerns.

She has extensive experience in resolving most common health complaints using clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathic remedies, and physical medicine for relieving aches and pains.

 She enjoyed a busy private clinical practice in Maine before relocating to Colorado.

As a graduate of the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon, an accredited four-year medical school program, Dr. Julie underwent outstanding clinical training with some of the finest Naturopathic Doctors in the country. She completed internships in internal medicine, environmental medicine, gynecology, and acute care for underserved populations. One medical school training was not enough to give her all the expertise she desired in physical medicine, so she also attended Western States Chiropractic College to attain a high level of competence in adjusting and biomechanics. She takes a special delight in physical medicine, completing over 1000 extra classroom and clinical hours in Applied Kinesiology. She also holds Certificates in Botanical Medicine and Homeopathy.

Natural medicine is a second career for Dr. Julie, having worked in research at the University of Colorado, Boulder for nearly 10 years prior to entering medical school. She participated in NIH-funded research in molecular biology, immunology and neuroscience with an emphasis on pain in chronic illness. She managed the laboratory of approximately 50 researchers for five years, teaching others proper laboratory procedure and technique as well as equipment operation. This has put her in a unique position to be able to evaluate the validity and implications of scientific research on current medical issues.

Dr. Julie has also been an avid athlete her entire life. She used to be an elite amateur cyclist, competing at the national level both on-road and off-road. She rode about 10,000 miles per year for over 10 years. These days she sticks to running, enjoying about 20-30 miles per week on both roads and trails. She takes an insider’s interest in helping other athletes to achieve their maximum potential and enjoyment in their sport.

She also finds great satisfaction in gardening, and finds the practice of natural medicine using herbs and homeopathic remedies derived from these beloved plants to be a very natural extension of her love and respect for nature.

Dr. Julie M. Barter ND LLC

7105 La Vista Place Suite 150, Niwot, CO 80503

Julie will be a panelist at our Wellness Wednesday event on the topic of heart health, which takes place on February 8th from 7-8 pm in the Alfalfa’s Community Room. Please see guest services for registration details.  Or give them a ring at 720.420.8400.  Hope to see you there!

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Why Counting Calories and Exercise Aren’t the Answer to Weight Loss

After 30 + years of working with clients with all forms of health issues and health challenges, including obesity and difficulty losing weight, certain things become obvious about what helps people lose weight, and what does not help people with weight loss.

Over 90% of people who have had the experience of trying to lose weight by dieting either have no success or they lose the weight only to have it return within the year.

The fallacy of weight loss being the product of simply cutting calories and increasing exercise is seen in most gyms and weight loss centers where people diligently follow all of the rules but never lose a pound, (unless you are a contestant on The Biggest Loser and exercise 8 hours a day!). Once someone has gotten far enough out of balance metabolically to put on large amounts of weight, the imbalance drives your metabolism. At this point the cure is more complicated than just the reversal of the habits that got you there. At this point, the imbalances caused by poor eating habits have now turned into metabolic imbalances involving a major organ or system such as the thyroid, adrenals, pancreas (diabetes), liver, kidney, digestion / intestines, mineral imbalances or brain chemistry imbalances. Until the missing links in the underling imbalance(s) are found and corrected, the person will be faced with “yo-yo” dieting for temporary results.

In spite of what most people may think, weight gain is a valuable sign that there are deeper metabolic problems that may ultimately lead to more serious diseases. Because of that, the goal of a good weight loss program should be to find the underlying imbalance and when that is corrected, the weight will be lost more easily and the weight loss more easily maintained.


Kathy Moritz, RN

Kathy is an RN with 30 + years experience in nutritional counseling. She owns a consulting practice specializing in blending leading edge alternative therapies aimed at finding the core biochemical and nutritional imbalances. This often includes uncovering distortions in the information pathways in the body fields responsible for orchestrating the deepest levels of communication between the organs, glands and systems of the body. Consultations also focus on deep mineral balance. Minerals are the spark plugs for all of the biochemistry of the body. Finding the significant mineral imbalances and mineral ratio imbalances allows us to re-balance the body, which in turn allows all of the systems and organs to begin to function normally as they are designed to do.

Kathy’s consulting practice is centered on her skills as a practitioner, researcher, and educator. Her goal is to help each client find their core imbalances in order to restore them to wellness, and not simply treat the symptoms.



Intermed, Inc

414 S Cedar Brook

Boulder, CO 80304


Kathy will be a panelist at our Wellness Wednesday event on the topic of weight loss, which takes place on January 11th from 7-8 pm in the Alfalfa’s Community Room. Please see guest services for registration details.  Or give them a ring at 720.420.8400.  Hope to see you there!

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