Month: July 2013

One Person’s Trash is Another Person’s Trash Can

by Edmée Knight Love the convenience of those re-sealable baby food packets, but can’t stand the non-ecofriendly packaging? How about your energy bar wrappers, plastic produce bags or those beauty products with spritzers on them — where do you put them when you’re finished? The trash? Here at Alfalfa’s, you can now keep these items

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My Time with the Conscious Cleanse

by Bea Steiner These days, it seems like scores of my friends and acquaintances are jumping into an array of different diet crazes. Gluten free, paleo, raw—what’s right for me and how do I know? When I was in grad school, just thinking about changing my diet made me tired. Simply put, I was caught

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How to Shop for Less at Alfalfa’s

by Dennis Sweeney It’s no secret that your grocery bill can add up quickly when you’re at Alfalfa’s: with so much delicious natural food within reach it’s hard not to get carried away. As an independent market, we strive to provide the highest quality local, organic, and responsibly sourced food, and this can often cost

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