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Kombucha Cocktail

Only in Boulder…Cocktails to Rock your Holidays

Alfalfa’s Market is ready to help you turn up your traditional cocktails this holiday season with craft-inspired boozy beverages made with fresh ingredients that please your palate and your pocketbook.

Kick up your kombucha with tequila, or add new flavors to your brunchtime bloody mary or holiday up your champagne spritzer with pomegranates.

We’re here to help you relieve the stressful aches and pains of the holidays with a bit of liquid motivation to keep your cool and stay hydrated.

We love the fiery flavors in popular Health-Aide Kombucha this recipe provides and is definitely one way to turn up the heat this holiday recipe from Health-Aide Kombucha website:





  • In a cocktail shaker with ice, mix Tequilla Blanco, Union Mezcal, lime juice and agave nectar
  • Serve in a Collins glass over ice and top off with Health Ade Jalapeño Cucumber & Kiwi
  • Garnish with cucumber



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Handy Guide to Talking Politics at Thanksgiving











Sometimes it’s best to just let sleeping dogs lay. Why not fill your mouth with delicious food from our Holiday Menu? Details HERE

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Make Martha Stewart jealous this year with your tablescape from Alfalfa’s Market. 

You’re hosting Thanksgiving this year – Yay, you! As you map out errands and order your organic turkeys from Alfalfa’s Markets (psst, click here to order) remember that the table sets the mood. With the proper decor, your family and friends will sit down to a memorable meal that will combine graceful touches in an elegant, yet appealing presentation.

The mood sets the food

Before you start scouring Pinterest, attempting to do your best Martha Stewart, Alfalfa’s Markets is here to help put your holiday table decorating at ease. Thanksgiving is all about family, food and gratitude. We’ve combined a few simple ideas to help unleash that creative spirit, without breaking the pocketbook:

  • Let’s be real. Thanksgiving cooking is full of comforting and wonderful scents that conjure up warmth, but the dining room doesn’t necessarily need to smell like the kitchen too, right? Alfalfa’s Wellness department has gorgeous scented and unscented candles, including aromatherapy oils that are not only healing, but can help make a room become more vibrant and romantic.
  • Head to the Alfalfa’s produce aisle and check out our gorgeous selection of pomegranates, citrus and herbs. A beautiful spread of cinnamon, clove, rosemary, sage, and oranges combined with whole walnuts, pumpkins, squash and persimmons can provide a stunning setting. Bonus, you can eat the table setting later!
  • Succulents and flowers are always a gorgeous table accessory. Our floral department has a wide variety of seasonal arrangements. We can help you decide between a rustic or a regal bouquet, depending on your theme.
  • Incorporate nature and the elements we have in Colorado! Pine cone foraging while on a hike is one way to bring the natural beauty of Boulder into your home.


Next time you are out grocery shopping, channel your inner Bob Ross and think about adding some of these easy ideas for a cozy, sustainable and delicious looking tablescape this year.



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How to CBDeal With Grumpy Aunt Agnes This Holiday


The holidays are officially upon us and even before Great Aunt Agnes makes her travel plans to visit you and yours this Thanksgiving, you can already feel the potential build-up of internal stress and anxiety.

That’s why Alfalfa’s Markets is offering a new solution to bypass this year’s holiday stress with our very own Hemps-giving, a tradition we hope everyone will embrace. Consider Alfalfa’s Market as your one-stop, organic, food grocer, but also as your remedy resource center to calm the senses during this busy time.

Hemp and CBD Oil are natural remedies that have helped hundreds, if not thousands of people with its natural healing properties to calm and protect our bodies from unwanted stress. At Alfalfa’s Markets, we have a wide selection of CBD oils, hemp-based food products, including a delicious Hemps-giving recipe using Boulder-based HempWay Foods on our Holiday Menu.

This year, serve up your very own HEMP WELLINGTON featuring Hemp Way Foods™ which includes plant-based “burger” crumbles, made with yellow squash, zucchini, smoked mushroom gravy, seasonings and wrapped in a flaky, golden. puff pastry.

Who knows, maybe even Aunt Agnes might actually be sweet as Apple Pie this year – you can thank us later!

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