Month: January 2020


Estrogen Dominance and Your Health

Most of us don’t think about our hormones that often, however, they play a huge role in our lives! When we’re feeling great, chances are our hormones have something to do with it. If we’re feeling chronically unwell, our hormonal health could probably use some attention. This is particularly true for women, as the “dance”

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Customer Appreciation Day

Swing by Alfalfa’s on Saturday for customer appreciation day. Enjoy samples and discovery new products from some of our favorite vendors. Both locations all day!

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Anti-Inflammatory EventBrite

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Find out how diet choices can reduce pain and inflammation! Learn the best foods to avoid Learn the best foods to include The power of raw juices Key herbs and supplements How to build your own food plan Reduce common aches and pains: Headache Joint aches Muscle soreness Prevent chronic illness Space is limited please

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