Burnt Finger Mussels

This is one of our absolute favorite ways to cook mussels. It’s French inspired, very, very simple, and very, very tasty. An easy appetizer or a quick, fast meal for one or two.

4 for appetizers OR
1 meal

about 15 mussels
freshly ground black pepper
1, 12″ Pan 

Clean and rinse mussels making sure that all mussels will close, also debeard all mussels.

Get a heavy skillet so hot that water dropped on it will skitter across the pan. Put the mussels in the hot dry pan and keep them moving. These are best done in small batches. The heat from the skillet will begin to open the mussels in about a minute, when they begin to open you may add just a bit of water to create more steam to facilitate them opening very quickly. As they open grind a generous amount of black pepper over the mussels and serve. In the café that made these mussels famous they were served from the pan in which they were cooked, hence burnt finger mussels.

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