Giving Back

A true neighborhood market, that’s a part of the community

At Alfalfa’s, we believe it’s our responsibility to enrich and support our local community. Our sense of responsibility is fueled by our passion to help our customers and neighbors with the real issues that affect them and their families.

To that end, we’re not just a neighborhood market. We are an integral part of the community, located in the heart of Boulder. It’s where we do business, but it’s also where we live, work and play. If a part of our community is in need, then we would like to use our resources in an effort to help.

With this vision in mind, we’re proud to partner with two amazing community organizations who provide support to the Boulder community every day:

Community Food Share’s mission is to ensure that no one in Boulder & Broomfield Counties goes hungry. In 2013, Community Food Share distributed over 7.8 million meals to people in need in the area.

Growing Gardens is a Boulder-based non-profit organization established in 1998. Growing Gardens’ mission is to enrich the lives of our community through sustainable urban agriculture. Growing Gardens envisions people experiencing a direct and deep connection with plants, the land and each other. Through its many gardening-based programs, Growing Gardens strives to reach gardeners and would-be gardeners of all ages to work alongside the organization and build community through urban agriculture.

Scrip gift cards

Now here’s a situation where a little bit of plastic is a good thing. Instead of paying with cash, check or credit, simply purchase prepaid Scrip Gift Cards that credit 5% of the gift card amount to your favorite organization. Buy yours from local nonprofits or schools in your community selling the gift cards as fundraisers. Just fill out our Scrip Gift Card Request Form, and turn it in to Guest Services.

Event Donations

Hey! Did you know that Alfalfa’s donates gift cards and tasty food to various fundraising events throughout the year? It’s just another small way that we support programs that enrich our local community. Fill out our Donation Request Form, and then turn it in to Guest Services or email it to for our Boulder store or for our Louisville store. Please submit your request at least 45 days before your event.


Our current avenues for charity are through the Alfalfa’s “Tips for Charity” program and our “Wooden Dime” donation program (currently only available in Louisville). These programs are reserved for non-profits only. If you would like any more information regarding these programs, or you would like to get on the waiting list for them, please email Guest Services in Boulder or Louisville.