Thank you for wanting to work at Alfalfa’s!

At Alfalfa’s, our goal is to provide ridiculous levels of great customer service! And that’s why our people are so important to us – they are the foundation and key ingredient to our success.

Working at Alfalfa’s is unlike any other experience. From our parking lot pooch washes and pancake breakfasts to our decked out birthday-bash aprons, Alfalfa’s has a work-hard, play hard mentality!  We’re a small, little marketplace with a huge passion to push the limits of what grocery stores are, and what they could be. Radical ideas are revered, weirdness is welcome, and everyone has a voice.  Not to mention, we are true to who we say we are. We are advocates of organic, local and sustainable movements, and you can be assured that when you say you work for Alfalfa’s, you are working toward the good.

On a slightly serious note, working at Alfalfa’s means making a serious commitment to learning about great food and living out great customer service. If this sounds like you, we’re more than excited to hear from you.

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