Gut Friendly Mocktails

Looking for a new treat to enjoy that’s tastes as good as it is good for you? Try a gut-friendly mocktail! We know what’s on our plate is important for our gut health, but so to are the drinks in our glasses. These three mocktails are easy to make, delicious, and alcohol-free so they’re a

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Senior Shopping Hour

We’d like to offer our senior and vulnerable population priority shopping from 7am-8am, so that they can limit exposure and shop our freshly cleaned store each morning. We’ve taken steps to increase staff so that we can be available to help. Please bring along your shopping list and we will happily help you locate all

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Estrogen Dominance and Your Health

Most of us don’t think about our hormones that often, however, they play a huge role in our lives! When we’re feeling great, chances are our hormones have something to do with it. If we’re feeling chronically unwell, our hormonal health could probably use some attention. This is particularly true for women, as the “dance”

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Natural Pet Stain Cleaner

We all love our pets… We all know that accidents happen… Mix up a batch of this Earth-friendly pet stain cleaner and go to town, before your house goes to the dogs. Fido, friends, and family will be safe from harmful chemicals when you use this natural alternative. Good for any mess, this pet home

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Kombucha Cocktail

Only in Boulder…Cocktails to Rock your Holidays Alfalfa’s Market is ready to help you turn up your traditional cocktails this holiday season with craft-inspired boozy beverages made with fresh ingredients that please your palate and your pocketbook. Kick up your kombucha with tequila, or add new flavors to your brunchtime bloody mary or holiday up

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How to CBDeal With Grumpy Aunt Agnes This Holiday

Happy Hemps-giving! The holidays are officially upon us and even before Great Aunt Agnes makes her travel plans to visit you and yours this Thanksgiving, you can already feel the potential build-up of internal stress and anxiety. That’s why Alfalfa’s Markets is offering a new solution to bypass this year’s holiday stress with our very

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