Alfalfa’s Trash Diversion Rate Was 93% for 2012!

Thanks to our continued partnership with Ecocycle, Alfalfa’s was able to divert 93% of its trash from landfills. Instead our waste was nearly all sent to be recycled and composted. We couldn’t have done it without our guests! Thanks to you, we composted 335,000 pounds of food scraps and sent nearly 200,000 pounds of materials

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Jared Polis Holding Press Conference Announcing GMO Labeling Bill at Alfalfa’s

GMO Labeling, Freedom to Know, Gains Support in Washington Rep. Polis to join local activists to raise awareness February 20 BOULDER — Congressman Jared Polis (D-CO) is the lead co-sponsor of a federal Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) labeling bill, which will require that accurate information be disclosed to consumers when food contains a genetically engineered material

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Celebrities Speak Out Against GMOs

Dave Matthews and Danny DeVito express their opinions about GMOs in our food system as the Prop 37 vote in California draws near. We hope you find it as entertaining as we do! Click here to view: Right to Know?

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WholeVine: Wine is Great, But There is So Much More!

When you think of sustainability and using “every last drop” of something, generally you think of something like energy or water.  Fortunately, there are people like Peggy Furth, co-founder of WholeVine Products, who marry the principles of sustainability and zero waste with food and drink. Located in Napa Valley Wine Country, WholeVine takes the scraps,

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Buying Organic in Bulk Saves Consumers an Average of 89%

A shopper can save an average of 89 percent by purchasing natural and organic foods in the bulk foods aisle of a grocery store, according to a new study. The study by Portland State University’s Food Industry Leadership Center (FILC), the first of its kind in the United States, examines three main areas related to

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Rethink the Statin ~ Cholesterol is Not the Bad Guy!

People who arrive at my office on a statin frequently complain of one of the following things as a direct side effect of the drug: Fatigue, mood changes,  irritability, headaches, insomnia heart palpitations, arrhythmias, stomach pain, or muscle weakness These are all listed right in the Physician’s Drug Information Handbook as common side effects.  But

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Why Counting Calories and Exercise Aren’t the Answer to Weight Loss

After 30 + years of working with clients with all forms of health issues and health challenges, including obesity and difficulty losing weight, certain things become obvious about what helps people lose weight, and what does not help people with weight loss. Over 90% of people who have had the experience of trying to lose

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Alfalfa’s Stance on Genetically Modified Organisms

Dear friends, From the time we opened our first store – Pearl Street Market – in 1979, and then our first Alfalfa’s at the corner of Broadway and Arapahoe in 1983, we have always been a company with a strong social mission. Alfalfa’s is a company that stands for what we believe in, and we

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