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Mental Clarity and Memory

Mental Clarity and memory are two things that most people assume they’ll lose with age. Many people suffer memory loss due to an insufficient supply of nutrients to the brain. The brain along with every other cell in the body is fed by our blood, the “life” of the body. If proper nutrients aren’t getting to the brain, they either aren’t in the bloodstream, or there is a problem with the blood delivery system. Also consider that some substances in the blood could be toxic to the brain.

One of the most important factors in brain health is omega 3 oils which are absent from the average diet. Deficiencies of these oils can cause impaired ability to learn and recall information. DHA, or docosahexaenoic acid, is a particular omega 3 fatty acid that is a fundamental building block for cellular membranes, most notably neuronal membranes in the brain. High quality sources of these are found in the wide variety of Nordic Naturals fish oil line up.

B vitamins help maintain the health of our nerves and brain. Some cases of Alzheimer’s disease have been found to be due to B-12 and B-complex deficiency. Our ability to assimilate B-12 is sometimes impaired so it is helpful to supplement with either high-absorption or sublingual formulas such as the Zeniral Ginseng Plus and Zeniral Stress Aid

Problems with the blood delivery system caused by clogged arteries and/or high cholesterol and triglycerides and high blood sugar could interfere with the brain’s ability to get nutrients. Natural agents that help increase circulation will help the brain work better – these include the Omega 3 oils, ginkgo biloba, and lecithin. It is important to change your habits (diet and exercise) so that you lower cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar if they are problems for you. Ginkgo biloba can be found in the Zeniral Memory Aid and Ginseng Plus. 

Ginkgo biloba is a powerful antioxidant herb that benefits the brain, retina and cardiovascular system. Studies show that ginkgo has a positive and measurable effect on dementia in people with Alzheimer’s disease and people recovering from strokes. Other studies show that it enhances concentration and improves memory. Ginkgo is used in many formulas for enhanced mental clarity, better circulation and also for attention deficit disorder. Other herbs used for mental clarity and learning include Convallaria majalis found in the Zeniral Memory Aid, and Scutellaria latiflora which is found in the Zeniral Relax Aid.

Also notable for brain and nerve health is the following one of many key ingredients in Zeniral’s Vertigo Aid, that is Gelsemium sempervirens, commonly known as Yellow Jasmine which helps repair nerves by stimulating nerve growth factors, supporting normal cognitive function and muscular coordination and response. Gelsemium centers its action upon the nervous system, relieving various degrees of motor paralysis, dizziness, drowsiness, dullness, and trembling. 

It is also important to avoid substances that are known to be toxic to the brain and nerves. These include the class of substances known as excitotoxins that excite the nerves to death. The most common excitotoxins are the artificial sweetener aspartame and the flavor enhancer MSG and GMO foods. Read labels of foods and diet products and make sure you are avoiding these toxins in order to maximize the health of your brain. 

Remember the gut feeds the brain so always include Zeniral’s Digest Aid to cleanse and rebuild the whole digestive system and supply natural enzymes to preserve the vital functions of digestion, absorption, and elimination.


By William James “Bill” Cunningham, who since 1990, has been using Professor Nelson’s biofeedback systems from the very first generation called the “Eclosion” to the present new INDIGO System. Bill was fortunate to spend every working day with Professor Nelson in 1990 through late 1992 when Nelson departed for Budapest, Hungary. During this intense apprenticeship he learned the intricacies of Nelson’s biofeedback systems. Bill also learned the safe, legal, and effective use of Nelson’s homeopathic repertory which includes over 500 unique remedies! In his nearly 20 years of active clinical practice, Mr. Cunningham has worked with over 30,000 clients via Professor Nelson’s bio- feedback systems and homeopathic repertory. He has taught over 4,000 practitioners the art of “Nelsonian and Biofeedback Home- opathy” and still sees many clients monthly. William is currently working on a Phd. in Biofeedback and Homeopathy with Professor Nelson as his Mentor and recently attained his “Homeo-Therapeutic Coach” status from NTCB.

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Moisturize Your Feet, It Helps With Sleep

These days, getting a good night of sleep is a privilege to most of us. We take work home. We have little kiddos to care for and school projects to help with. We have exams and pull all-nighters. We have our favorite shows to catch up on. We have to train for this, or prepare for that. Eight hours of sleep every night just isn’t on our priority list. But, I’m not here to talk to you about the importance of getting a good night’s sleep, I’m here to help you make the most of the sleep you do get. Below are my top 10 favorite ways to ensure you get a good night’s rest.

1. Eat light at night
Night is time to let your organs have a rest, you will sleep better by allowing this to happen.

2. Use herbal tonics
For so many of us, sleep is an issue of stress, so adaptogenic herbs, such as Holy Basil, Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, Reishi Mushroom, or Eleuthero are awesome tonifiers for our exhausted adrenals. 

3. Make your bedroom smell really good
Kind of a no brainer! An aromatherapy candle, some lavender oil nearby, no kitty litter box in the bedroom. 

4. Have a bedtime ritual
Having a bedtime routine helps send a message to your nervous system that it is wind down time. Light a candle, turn off the lights, moisturize your feet, read an inspiring passage from a favorite book, do a couple of stretches, you get the picture. 

5. Moisturize your feet
I think I heard this from Ayurveda, and it’s a personal favorite cause it really makes a difference for me.

6. Keep your bedroom dark
The darkest you can get it! Light gets through the eyelids and keeps your brain alert. Use black out curtains, or a fantastic eye cover from our store made by Mindfold.

7. Don’t use Melatonin regularly
It’s a hormone, not a supplement, and only for occasional use, will hurt your sleep if used regularly.

8. Practice meditation, biofeedback, neurofeedback, prayer, or mantra
Train your mind to be quieter, you will sleep much better. 

9. Get regular face massages
Relax the tension in your face, sleep better, and age more beautifully.

10. Turn off the TV 2 hours before bed
We’ve all heard this, it’s true!


If better sleep is what you need, join our FREE Sleep Well Class Wednesday Nov. 16th from 6pm to 7:30pm. 

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A Spoonful of Mushrooms Makes The Cold Go Down

Winter is near and it’s the perfect time to begin your immune system tonification. A little cold or flue is normal, but you don’t want to catch every bug that comes your way.

There are a lot of immune-boosting remedies and tips out there and sometimes it’s hard to navigate the cold-cure clutter. I like to keep it simple – let food be your medicine. Start eating warmer, longer cooked, more grounding foods. Mushrooms, in particular, are the best herbal and food strategy in my opinion. 

Reishi mushrooms, also known as Ganoderma lucidum, are a beautiful mushroom variety. It has been long revered in the east and has been used for more than two millennia to treat and prevent a wide variety of illnesses. Most importantly, it’s known to keep us healthy in a safe and holistic way. 

Many other medicinal mushrooms are useful pre cold, flue and allergy season as well. One, Cordyceps, has lung protective qualities. Shitake, has been shown to have a wide range of immunoprotective qualities and also protects the liver. 

Let food be your medicine. shitaki’s, maitake and lions mane, are delicious additions to your winter soups and stews. Stay warm. Stay healthy.

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Don’t make your detox, detoxic

When I was in my 20’s I did a lot of crazy fasting, the kind I would never recommend now, for example just water for days, I remember one water fast that included liver powder, yuck! I did learn how much fasting re-adjusts your perspective to food, how often we eat without thinking, or even noticing, and also how lovely cookbooks and the food channel become when you aren’t eating.

These days when people ask about cleansing my answer is simple, eat vegetables, only vegetables, and lot’s of them. Greens in the blender for breakfast, a big salad, vegetable soup, or steamed vegetables for lunch and dinner. Vegetable broth, herb tea, or vegetable juices for snacks. No white potatoes, to help with blood sugar balance. Use a squeeze of lemon in water first thing in the AM, or in other foods. When we starve ourselves, as in a water fast, or the master cleanse, our systems shut down, we may end up circulating a lot of toxins, but they don’t leave the body, and toxins hanging around only become more toxic, like the garbage when the garbage man doesn’t come.

Be sure to drink sufficient water or herbal tea, increase sweating, use a body brush to help the skin release toxins, and take some baths. You can do this cleanse in many different ways, one day a week, a long weekend a few times a year, or for up to a couple of weeks. If this sounds like too much restriction, add in some lean protein, and high quality fats like olive oil and coconut oil, or low sugar fruits, like berries and apples. But no sweets, grains, caffeine, alcohol, dairy or bad fats.

You can greatly increase the cleansing, and healing process by adding some herbal products to your cleanse, some of our favorites are the Flor-Essence 7 day Purification Program, Raw Cleanse by Garden of Life, and 7 Day Total Nutritional Cleanse by Natural Factors. LiverCare by Himalaya is one of the best liver support products in the world, being sold in 75 countries.  

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