Be Heart-Healthy This February

February is the month for romance, but it’s also a time to think about keeping your heart in tiptop shape. After all, the heart pumps vital nutrients and oxygen throughout our bodies, and is arguably the most important organ in our system. Why not devote an entire month to reflect on its importance and how to keep it working well for the long haul?

Possibly the most important key to maintaining a healthy heart is exercise. Running, walking, swimming, hiking, or other aerobic activity keeps your body strong and your heart young! Coupled with exercise, it’s also extremely important to follow a healthy diet. For example, the American Heart Society recommends at least two servings of fish each week, to ensure you’re getting enough heart-healthy omega-3s.

Because fiber is known to significantly reduce cholesterol levels, it’s important to choose whole grains over starchy white stuff. Steaming, baking, or grilling meats is a great way to avoid uncessary fats; and you should especially focus on eating lean meats.

Finally, increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables– especially organic ones!— can lead to a healthy heart.

Here’s to staying young at heart this February and beyond!

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