Homemade for the Holidays

by Michele Leifer, Bulk Specialist

It’s that time of year again! Snowflakes, tinsel, office parties, crowded malls with no place to park, and cold, short days. For many it is a time of stress—be it financial, emotional, or mental.

So let’s take a moment to reflect upon the true spirit of this time of year and remember that no matter where you live or what your denomination is, December is a wonderful time to show gratitude and appreciation for those in your life.  When showing true appreciation for people, nothing beats a homemade gift.  The best gifts are often very simple and inexpensive, and don’t require expert baking skills or workshop full of Martha Stewart’s minions.

If you would like to take the gift to a more personal level, make something that is a family recipe.  It does not have to be fancy.  It can be as simple & homey as your Mom’s chocolate chip cookie recipe, but including the recipe & a little story about where it came from takes the gift to a new level.  Your family traditions may now live on in other families!

How to get started

Tailoring your homemade gift to fit your time & budget is essential in keeping the project stress-free & fun.  If you organize yourself with the list below you can make any modifications (cost, size, schedule) before getting deep into the project.  Some ideas are better in theory than reality (i.e. an ingredient may not be in season or may be prohibitively expensive).

  • Make a list of who gets what (consider family vs. individual, perishability, dietary restrictions, etc)
  • Determine portion size & how you will package the gift
  • Calculate your ingredient & packaging cost
  • Decide how much you need to make
  • Buy your packaging or gift bags before you start the project
  • Take your time shopping the sales & searching for the hard to find ingredients. This helps to manage your time and make the project cost effective.
  • If you choose to give a recipe or story along with the gift, print it now and keep in a convenient place

If you are beginning your own tradition of homemade gifts & need some ideas to get started, below is a list from simplest to most involved that will hopefully provide you with some inspiration. Website links are provided for idea purposes only, no guarantees!

Super Easy

Getting Just a Little More Complicated

  • Homemade cookies
  • Pickles & chutneys (try this recipe for quick pickles; or, come to Alfalfa’s to get your refrigerator pickle kit that makes 16 pints of pickled veggies overnight)
  • Mustards (very customizable; try this recipe
  • Flavored Vinegars (a wonderful way to capture the flavor of the season)


Advanced Moves

Non-Food ideas

  • Salt or sugar scrubs scented with essential oils
  • You can make homemade bath salts using Epsom salt or another coarse salt, tossed with a handful of dried flowers & a few drops of essential oils.  These can be customized for each person on your list. (Hint: Alfalfa’s sells many essential oils & herbs in our wellness department!)
  • Make your own soap or candles: it’s really quite simple & the materials are readily available at any craft or hardware store.


If December slips by and it’s just too late to get started for this year, never fear. Experiment with just a couple recipes & take notes for next year. Or choose a simple but meaningful handwritten note, because even though it’s a cliché, it really is the thought that counts!

Happy Holidays, a delightful New Year to you, & thanks for being part of the Alfalfa’s Community.  We so appreciate YOU!

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