How to Shop for Less at Alfalfa’s

by Dennis Sweeney

It’s no secret that your grocery bill can add up quickly when you’re at Alfalfa’s: with so much delicious natural food within reach it’s hard not to get carried away. As an independent market, we strive to provide the highest quality local, organic, and responsibly sourced food, and this can often cost a little extra money. But being independent also allows us to create unique deals for folks who are looking for them. Here are a few tips on how to shop at Alfalfa’s for less:

1) Check the dollar bin! Because our standards for our produce are so high, we often can’t sell certain fruits and vegetables at full price. These end up on the left side of the produce cooler, wrapped in green sacks or labeled with orange tags. You’ll find peppers, oranges, apples, and greens that have slight imperfections or are nearing their last sellable date. The secret is, most of the fruit in the dollar bin is the sweetest because it’s ripe!

2) Look for Sustainable Value stickers. We’ve picked out more than 200 products around the store and marked them down so they’re the same price as or less than any other store in town. These aren’t sale prices: they’re the same every day.

3) Day-old bread is a great deal. If you like sweets, we wrap up scones, danishes, croissants, donuts and bagels the day after they are baked and sell them at a discounted price on the right hand side of the pastry case. You can find day-old Breadworks loaves in a wooden box next to the bakery. Check the baskets on the bakery counter, too, where there are other reduced-price, homemade baked goods from Kaiser rolls to raspberry-chocolate bars. Just be sure to get here early, because the best stuff goes fast!

4) Using our bulk section is a great way to shop efficiently day in and day out. If you only need a small amount of a spice, just put as much as you need in a plastic bag and we’ll charge you by the ounce. Many of the granolas we offer pre-packaged can also be found in the bulk section—for less money per pound. We even offer a huge selection of bulk oils and vinegars, from everyday organic olive oil to pomegranate balsamic from Italy.

5) Pick up our sale flyer! New items are on sale every month and you can find out what they are right here on our website. Along with some really spectacular deals, you’ll also find a list of events and a recipe every month.

So happy shopping! And don’t forget: just because you make it a priority to buy food that’s healthy for you, your family, and the earth doesn’t mean you can’t buy food on a budget.

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