One Person’s Trash is Another Person’s Trash Can

by Edmée Knight

Love the convenience of those re-sealable baby food packets, but can’t stand the non-ecofriendly packaging? How about your energy bar wrappers, plastic produce bags or those beauty products with spritzers on them — where do you put them when you’re finished? The trash?

Here at Alfalfa’s, you can now keep these items out of the landfill! Our new recycling program was designed to help you (and us) keep package-heavy items out of landfills and back on the shelves. We now provide recycling and up-cycling centers for your hard-to-recycle beauty products such as toothpaste tubes, deodorant sticks, and hairspray bottles.

These items are either sent to Terracycle where they are up-cycled into tote bags, wallets and other useful items or they are melted down and recycled into park benches and trash cans. All of our plastic bags are recycled through Ecocycle. 

Just bring your empty packaging with you the next time you shop at Alfalfa’s and drop them in the bins located by the front registers… Turn your trash into another person’s trash can!

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