Why Counting Calories and Exercise Aren’t the Answer to Weight Loss

After 30 + years of working with clients with all forms of health issues and health challenges, including obesity and difficulty losing weight, certain things become obvious about what helps people lose weight, and what does not help people with weight loss.

Over 90% of people who have had the experience of trying to lose weight by dieting either have no success or they lose the weight only to have it return within the year.

The fallacy of weight loss being the product of simply cutting calories and increasing exercise is seen in most gyms and weight loss centers where people diligently follow all of the rules but never lose a pound, (unless you are a contestant on The Biggest Loser and exercise 8 hours a day!). Once someone has gotten far enough out of balance metabolically to put on large amounts of weight, the imbalance drives your metabolism. At this point the cure is more complicated than just the reversal of the habits that got you there. At this point, the imbalances caused by poor eating habits have now turned into metabolic imbalances involving a major organ or system such as the thyroid, adrenals, pancreas (diabetes), liver, kidney, digestion / intestines, mineral imbalances or brain chemistry imbalances. Until the missing links in the underling imbalance(s) are found and corrected, the person will be faced with “yo-yo” dieting for temporary results.

In spite of what most people may think, weight gain is a valuable sign that there are deeper metabolic problems that may ultimately lead to more serious diseases. Because of that, the goal of a good weight loss program should be to find the underlying imbalance and when that is corrected, the weight will be lost more easily and the weight loss more easily maintained.


Kathy Moritz, RN

Kathy is an RN with 30 + years experience in nutritional counseling. She owns a consulting practice specializing in blending leading edge alternative therapies aimed at finding the core biochemical and nutritional imbalances. This often includes uncovering distortions in the information pathways in the body fields responsible for orchestrating the deepest levels of communication between the organs, glands and systems of the body. Consultations also focus on deep mineral balance. Minerals are the spark plugs for all of the biochemistry of the body. Finding the significant mineral imbalances and mineral ratio imbalances allows us to re-balance the body, which in turn allows all of the systems and organs to begin to function normally as they are designed to do.

Kathy’s consulting practice is centered on her skills as a practitioner, researcher, and educator. Her goal is to help each client find their core imbalances in order to restore them to wellness, and not simply treat the symptoms.



Intermed, Inc

414 S Cedar Brook

Boulder, CO 80304



Kathy will be a panelist at our Wellness Wednesday event on the topic of weight loss, which takes place on January 11th from 7-8 pm in the Alfalfa’s Community Room. Please see guest services for registration details.  Or give them a ring at 720.420.8400.  Hope to see you there!

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