Store Manager

Rebekah got her undergraduate degree from CU, and for a while she lived and worked in some of the least desirable pieces of real-estate in the U.S.  Somewhere along the way, she discovered that she’d rather return to someplace nice to live and enjoy her life.  Then she discovered that she was able to translate her ardent love for food into a venue that supports local, organic, ethically-sourced, and sustainably produced products.  And that’s how her path led her to Alfalfa’s.

Rebekah believes that we truly are what we eat – and beyond the “what”, it’s also about how we get it, who we get it from, and how we use it.  

She’s got two lovely mutts who can occasionally be seen around the office at Alfalfa’s, acting as the store’s unofficial ruff-ceptionists.  She enjoys hiking and biking, yoga, jumping out of airplanes, travelling, and revels in all things bizarre.  She doesn’t take herself too seriously, and has a ridiculously disgusting sense of humor.


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