Housemade with the highest standards.

Alfalfa’s culinary team offers a wide variety of organic and all-natural dishes for any and all tastes! Whether you dine in, take out, or simply add something to your own dinner plans, Alfalfa’s has you covered.

We use only 100% organic vegetables, grains, oils, pastas, and milk, as well as all-natural meats and seafood and rBST-free cheeses. There are absolutely no synthetic hormones, antibiotics, or GMOs to be found anywhere in any of our foods. Ever. Period. We are also proud to work within the season with local farmers as much as possible!

Whatever you’re in need of, or just craving, Alfalfa’s has it! We have a soup bar, salad bar, cold deli case, hot food bar, pizza station, sandwich menu, breakfast menu, Grab ‘n Go selection, and a full catering menu. And it’s all made in-house!

Our soup bar features 10 soups at any given time. All soups are made in-house daily, and the selections rotate based on seasonality and product availability. Many soups we offer are gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan. We also offer a line of chilled soups during those hot summer months.

Our salad bar is 100% organic! It features six types of lettuces at any time and selections vary from the most basic tomatoes and onions to more unique offering like spicy eggplant and teriyaki yams. Make it big or make it small, just make it the way you want it!

Our cold deli case features many dishes that will keep you coming back for more. You’ll find protein salads like our imperial chicken salad and spicy tuna salad, along with fresh, seasonal vegetables prepared with care, and savory grain salads that pair perfectly with any of our options! Make your own meals with our Market Plate deal – just pick a protein and two sides. The combinations are endless, you can have a different, healthy meal every day of the week!

Our hot bar is what we’re known for. You’ll find something hot and ready for you to enjoy in our café or take home to the family, whatever you’re in the mood for! From Italian, Mexican, Indian, BBQ, Chinese, and American favorites we have anywhere from from twenty four to thirty different dishes at any time. Our lemon-brined fried chicken is a must-have.

We make pizza, deep dish, calzones, and strombolis right in our wood-fired oven using the best ingredients available. We make pizza all day long – take a slice or a whole pie of our creation, or order your own custom pie! Our dough is made from scratch with all-organic and local ingredients.

We offer a wide variety of made-to-order sandwiches, both hot and cold. We have something for everyone – from grilled cheeseburgers to pressed turkey pestos and fresh mozzarella caprese sandwiches. If you’re in the mood for something specific, just fill out our build-your-own sandwich from and we’ll make it exactly the way you want it!

Breakfast on the go at Alfalfa’s features a selection of hot breakfast burritos and breakfast biscuit sandwiches, as well as hot organic oatmeal, and fresh fruit and yogurt bar. We offer a small a la carte menu as well for those seeking scrambled eggs, toast, or bacon.

Finally, we have a large, comprehensive catering menu great for anything from a small get-together with friends, a corporate office lunch, a tailgate party, or for no special reason at all! Pick it up or have it delivered for free, our catering is the best in town. We feature year-round offerings for any occasion, as well as seasonal packages for Thanksgiving and Christmas. You’ve worked hard! Let us do the cooking – you’ll be glad you did!

We’re always looking into new and different ways to serve and satisfy our customers, so our offerings change regularly. If you don’t see something you think we should have, please let us know, and maybe the next time you’re at Alfalfa’s you’ll see it!

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