Stop and smell the roses…and the peonies, lilies, and sunflowers.

To ensure the best selection and service in our floral department, we have teamed two local floral wholesalers; Denver Wholesale Florist and Stevens and Son Florist.

From our specialty bouquets and arrangements to our indoor and seasonal outdoor plants, bulbs and seeds, we have what you need to bring beauty and ambiance to any room or patio.

We focus on what’s local and in season, and we only source our flowers from our family of third-party certified sustainable growers, so you can be assured that your flowers are fair trade or direct trade, meaning our farmers receive a fair price for their flowers and plants.

Alfalfa’s also supports a number of Colorado local flower farms between the months of July and September including Arrowhead Dahlias, Aspen Moon Farm, Lucky Bee Cut Flowers, and Idlewild Flower Farms.

We also ensure that our floral selections meet our store standards:

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