We are serious about what we source.

At Alfalfa’s, we make it our mission to explore, discover, research and taste every single product we carry in our store. Our product selections must be tasty, healthy and focused on including a large selection of local, organic, sustainable and socially responsible products. And, we strive to exceed your growing culinary experiences by featuring artisanal, small-batch and hard-to-find, wonderous and wordly delicacies.

Our departments focus their product offerings according to this hierarchy.

  1. Organic Local/Regional
  2. Organic
  3. Wholesome, high quality ingredients
  4. Natural Local/Regional
  5. Natural/non-GMO/Fair Trade
  6. Special Dietary Needs (Vegetarian/vegan, Low fat/low sodium/lowered sugar, Allergen free, Raw Foods)
  7. Unique (Artisanal, Slow food/Imported, Heirloom)