Take a little…take a lot…take what you need.

Need a pinch of cinnamon or pound of peanuts? Shopping bulk is the answer! With more than 200 healthful ingredients and wholesome foods, our Bulk Department features a wide variety of pantry staples, including flours, grains, rice, legumes, soup mixes, cereal, trail mix, nut butters, dried fruits, nuts and seeds. We also offer artisan-produced oils and vinegars from around the world, such as fig balsamic vinegar, Persian lime olive oil, organic apple cider vinegar, organic tamari and shoyu raw agave or even local honey. Bring your own bottle or get one when you come to the store.

  •  We source local, organic, Fair Trade, non-GMO and all-natural bulk foods and liquids.
  • We feature organic spices that are never irradiated.
  • We offer competitive prices, compared to the same packaged items.
  • We offer Fair Trade and certified organic coffee at some of the lowest prices in town.
  • Come grind fresh honey-roasted or chocolate peanut butter!
  • We offer a wide selection of certified organic and Fair Trade candy, from dark chocolate covered almonds and chocolate covered goji berries, to organic jolly beans and decadent chocolate-covered ginger.
  • We have a variety of specialty salts such Himalayan pink salt, Balinese fleur de sel, Coarse Hawaiian black sea salt, hickory-smoked sea salt and Balinese hollow pyramid salt.
  • We feature more than 30 certified organic and Fair Trade tea and tea blends.

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Recipes Featuring Bulk