Coffee & Tea

Coffee & Tea

Your coffee & tea shop (with a fireplace).

At Alfalfa’s Coffee and Juice Bar, you’ll discover a world of the highest quality, locally and regionally produced Direct Trade and Fair Trade coffees and teas. Our baristas undergo an extensive training at Ampersand Coffee’s local Boulder roaster. Before our coffees and teas make it into your hands, we evaluate our coffees and teas for taste, aroma and economic and environmental sustainability.

All of our Direct Trade and Fair Trade coffees and teas must be third-party verified through an international certification program.

  • Our coffees are selected in every roast style from primary growing regions around the world.
  • Our everyday drip and espresso is from Ampersand Coffee, and our drip beans are never sold after 10 days from the time of roasting, so you experience optimum flavor and freshness.
  • We are the first coffee shop in Colorado to use a Trifecta machine, which specifies water temperature, agitation , and the time the water spends saturating the coffee. We bring in only the best roasters from around the U.S. to feature in our Trifecta, like Intelligentsia out of Chicago and Stumptown out of Portland. If you love coffee, the Trifecta is for you.
  • We select teas that are grown sustainably and sold locally.
  • We feature Colorado-made kombucha tea on tap.

Meet our local coffee partner.

Meet our featured coffee & tea guest partners – limited time only.