Stop and smell the roses…and the peonies, lilies, and sunflowers.

To ensure the best selection and service in our floral department, we have teamed with Stevens and Son local flowers! It’s a match made in heaven. From our specialty bouquets and arrangements to our indoor and outdoor plants, herbs, bulbs and décor, we have what you need to bring beauty and ambiance to any room or patio. We focus on what’s local and in season, and we only source our flowers from our family of third-party certified sustainable growers, so you can be assured that your flowers are fair trade or direct trade, meaning our farmers receive a fair price for their flowers and plants. We also ensure that our floral selections meet our store standards:

  • We only source fresh flowers from growers who do not rely on unnecessary amounts of synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers.
  • We evaluate the sources of flowers for quality, freshness and selection.
  • We strive to source from regional growers for our seasonal selections.
  • All fresh flowers are grown using organic agricultural methods or sustainably grown and harvested.
  • We feature potted plants that are pest- and disease-free and garden and table-top ready
  • We ensure that all our floral products, domestic or imported, must be organically or sustainably produced and verified by third parties, such as U.K.A.S, FlorVerde, Global G.A.P, and Veriflora, to name a few.