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All-natural. Raised right. You can’t go wrong.

At Alfalfa’s, we go the extra mile (and in most cases, just down the road) so that every time you shop with us, you’ll know you’re getting Boulder’s best selection of meat and poultry. We support and have real partnerships with ranchers and farmers, and we only offer meats that have been¬†raised humanely with care and respect on 100% vegetarian feed with no antibiotics or added hormones, ever.¬†One taste and we think you’ll agree that our meat department is a cut above the rest.

Standards you can feel good about

Beef & Bison

  • Range-raised with plenty of room to roam, for at least two-thirds of their lives. Raised on 100% vegetarian feed without the use of antibiotics or synthetic hormones.
  • We give priority to farmers and ranchers who source non-GMO feed for their animals, backed-up by verifiable testing.


  • All our poultry has room to grow freely in a cage-free or free-range environment with access to an area that allows for natural foraging.
  • Our poultry is fed a 100% vegetarian diet.


  • All our pigs are provided with adequate bedding for comfort and cleanliness
  • All our sows are allowed freedom of movement in their birthing pens and we don’t allow the usage of gestational crates.
  • We give preference to farmers who pasture-raise their pigs.


  • All our lamb must be pasture raised with plenty of room to roam.
  • We give preference to lamb raised in the United States over imported lamb.


  • We only source veal from farmers and ranchers who raise their animals humanely and sustainably with social interaction and access to fresh air and room to roam.

Processed and Cured Meats

  • We offer a tasty variety of processed and cured meats, including hot dogs, deli meats, ham and bacon.
  • All our processed and cured meats are made with the highest quality organic or natural cuts of beef and pork.
  • All our processed and cured meats are free of nitrates and nitrites, with the exception of our imported cured meats, which may contain small amounts of nitrates and nitrites. We offer these choices in order to provide our customers the finest, most authentic imported cured meats.

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