Vegan Cooking 101













Have you ever wanted to learn how to bring simple plant based cooking into your home? 

Join us at Alfalfa’s for a FREE cooking class series: Introduction to Plant Based Cooking.

Our first class, Vegan 101, is an introduction to the fundamentals of vegan cooking and baking.
• Proper food prep
• Important kitchen gear
• Pantry essentials
• Ingredient substitutions

Shane will lead the class through a few easy/quick dishes to demonstrate the essentials, ease you into plant-based cooking, and encourage you to experiment more in your own kitchen.

We will have recipes and samples to share!

Space is limited, please sign up HERE

About Chef Shane:

Shane Witters Hicks is a young, aspiring chef with a passion for plant-based cuisine. 

Shane began his culinary career at a popular vegan café and is currently cooking at a fine-dining restaurant in Boulder. He recently received level 4 certification with the Vegan Fusion Academy, empowering him to begin hosting demos and teaching workshops. These opportunities for professional development will serve as stepping stones towards the path of culinary excellence.

Shane believes whole-heartedly in the power of a plant-based lifestyle to transform lives and the face of the planet. He strives to inspire his audiences to discover the richness and culinary creativity involved in plant-based cuisine, more joy in the kitchen, more optimal wellness, and more alignment with their own values of compassion.


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