Haystack Mountain Goat Cheese

If you are from Colorado, then you’ve probably tasted the creamy, tangy goodness of Haystack Mountain Fresh Chèvre. If not, it’s about time you try it!

Handcrafted in small batches from sweet fresh premium goat milk, Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy uses vegetable rennet and traditional cheesemaking techniques to create smooth and creamy chèvre with naturally delicious flavor.

Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy didn’t stop with fresh chèvre (thank goodness for us!). Their master cheesemakers have created a whole array of artisan goat cheeses, including bloomy rind and hard-aged varieties.

Today, Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy sources their milk locally and focuses on creating the finest goat cheese on the planet. Check out our selection in our Cheese Department and ask for a taste!

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