Turkey Stock

Whether you’re making a turkey for Thanksgiving or for some other affair, make sure and always save your leftover turkey carcass, so you can make a tasty turkey stock. It’s rich, versatile & can be frozen for many uses, like soups, later on.

Makes at least a gallon of stock
*** but could make more if you had a really large turkey, just increase the vegetables & water a bit. 

1 turkey carcass
4 large carrots, cut in half
4 – 6 stalks of celery
1 large onion, skin on & quartered
Salt & pepper
Herbs: parsley sage, rosemary & thyme are classic along with a bay leaf or two, but use anything you have leftover, fresh or dried. If using dried, add about a Tbs. of each sage, rosemary & thyme. 

Get out your biggest stock pot. You may have to break the carcass in half but get it into the pot along with any leg or wing bones, skin or pan drippings you may have leftover.

Put celery stalks (including any leaves if you have them) in with the turkey as well as the carrots & onion. If you happen to have bought carrots with the green tops, put the tops in too.

Put 2 Tbs. of salt & 1 Tbs. pepper into the pot along with 1 Tbs. each of the dried herbs & 1 bay leaf. If you have leftover fresh herbs, put them in the pot, stems & all. 

Next, add enough water to cover the bones & vegetable scraps by a good couple inches. There should be at least a gallon and a half of water in the pot. Bring to a boil & then reduce the heat to a simmer & cook for 2 hours.

At the end of 2 hours….
Let stock cool & then strain through a colander. Pick any edible leftover meat off the bone & set aside. If you have cheesecloth, strain the stock a second time through a colander lined with the cheesecloth for a clearer broth. Taste to correct for salt & pepper.

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