Personal Shopping & Delivery

Personal Shopping & Delivery.
Our store, at your doorstep.

Groceries, catering, prepared foods, beer, wine and spirits — you name it, we’ll bring it to you! How many times have you come home hungry and opened the fridge only to see empty shelves staring back at you? That’s why we developed our Alfalfa’s personal shopper and home delivery services. We’ll shop for the items on your list, picking out the best, freshest organic produce, groceries and prepared foods along the way, and then we’ll bring them right to your doorstep! Or, if you’re just pressed for time, we will have them ready and waiting for you to swing by the store and pick them up.

  • FREE personal shopping and NO delivery fee!
  • We deliver beer, wine, and spirits too! (Must show valid photo ID at delivery; Only deliveries from Boulder can include alcohol)

Want to place an order?

  • Put together a detailed shopping list and email it to for delivery. We do not currently have our entire inventory online for reference, but we will call you for substitutes if we do not carry an item on your list. Be as specific as you like in terms of preferred brands, sizes, and organic preferences.
  • Please include the following information along with your shopping list: Delivery Address, Your Phone Number, and Phone Number of Recipient (if different from ordering customer)
  • Please call guest services with payment to provide payment information
  • Order by noon for same-day delivery.
  • There is a $50 minimum for all deliveries. We will add a $10 delivery fee for any orders under $50.

Our free delivery radius is 10 miles around each store.

Please note, fees apply per each 10 miles outside the radius

  • 0-10 miles: Free Delivery!
  • 11-20 miles: $10
  • 21-30 miles: $20
  • 31-40 miles: $30