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A “good” read

Just before I moved to Boulder from Northern Ohio, I made it a point to make one last trip up to Ann Arbor to get some love from Zingerman’s deli. Talk about a great sandwich and a foodie’s paradise that’s hard to leave behind. Fortunately for me, the stars aligned, Alfalfa’s re-opened (even hired me!) and I had another world-class eatery in my backyard again!

I just couldn’t wait to share my Zingerman’s experiences with all the food and grocery gurus here at Alfalfa’s. Of course, I was preaching to the choir, all my new foodie Alf’s friends were either already big fans or had been there in person! But, just in case you’re not up on Zingermans and flying into Detroit and driving to Ann Arbor isn’t realistic, may I just suggest curling up with the Zingerman’s Guide to Good Eating. 

Now I can babble on about anything, especially food and good reads, so I’ll go bullet-point style and share just a few of the topic excerpts from random pages, this should be all you need to say, “honey, give me the iPad, I need to order this book!” (PS – I gave Boulder Bookstore a call and they stock it!)

  • “Different Cuts for Different Cooks, A Guide to Pasta Shapes” – Do you know what an Annelini pasta is? Neither did I, but now I know it’s shaped like a ring and going in my next soup!
  • “Smell The Bread” – All about the exercise and skill of smelling breads basically, can’t wait to see someone holding up a big loaf of Alf’s bread up to their nose!
  • “Dark Shadows, My Campaign for Darker Crusts” – Ari (founder, author) offers his reasoning on why people need to get over their fear of dark crusts! Who knew I was feeding ducks sweeter and nuttier flavor? I just thought it was burnt!
  • Ok, one more…”How Can Vinegar Cost $50 an Ounce?” Well apparently one reason is that it disappears! The book explains that in 25 years of aging, some basalmics can evaporate down to 10% of their original volume. They’re not talking little jars either, 100 liters can dwindle down to 10 liters!

And it’s all written in the fun-to-read quirky, quick Zingerman’s style, grab it!

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