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Truly Natural Turkeys Are Hard to Identify, Here’s What To Look For

I have been in the natural meat business for well over half of my life, some 30 + years to be exact, and to this day one of the most difficult and confusing aspects of my business is to create a clear picture about what the word ”natural “ really means. At this time of the year, I would like to address turkeys.

Put simply, the USDA states that any meat product, such as Turkey, can be labeled “natural” providing it has not been marinated, brined or otherwise altered after it has been harvested.

The USDA definition of “natural”, however, does not address how the turkey was raised prior to being harvested, which includes whether or not it had been administered antibiotics, fed vegetarian feed or whether or not it was humanely treated. Some retailers (in my opinion, those that wish to trick you) use this USDA “natural” designation and pretend that it means all of the things that we want it to. No antibiotics, no hormones, all vegetable fed, humanely treated, etc.

Natural to Me and to Alfalfa’s means ALL the below (as officially noted on Our Definitions page) 

• No antibiotics ever

• No hormones administered ever

• All Vegetable fed

• Humanely treated (cage free, range grown, pasture raised, etc.)

So how will you know if your turkey meets The Alfalfa’s standard for “natural” or if it’s simply being passed off as the real thing even though it simply means nothing. I’ll tell you how…

Force your retailer to show you the label on the turkey itself. Some retailers will verbally declare the callouts, “no antibiotics, etc.” if asked, but cannot substantiate it on any written label. This is a solid warning that the bird meets none of the more stringent criteria. So, If the label simply states minimally processed no added ingredients, and no added hormones but does not include any of the Alfalfa’s standard statements, YOU AIN’T GONNA LIKE IT.

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Thanksgiving Menu 2011

Need A Little Help with Thanksgiving… 
We know it gets a little crazy during Thanksgiving. Sometimes, you just don’t want to spend hours peeling and peeling and mashing and mashing potatoes. And sometimes you’re oven’s just not big enough to cook everything at once. Or just maybe you’d love a little more family time, and little less kitchen time. Whatever your reason, we’d love to help. 

We have everything from ready-made roasted turkey and mashed potatoes to butternut squash plantain soup and creamy pumpkin pies. And to top it off, we make everything from scratch and pretty much all the ingredients we use in every one of our dishes is organic. You can trust us to make your family happy. 

Here’s our Thanksgiving 2011 Special Order Menu

Placing your specialty Thanksgiving orders
Easy as pie, just stop by our store, or call Guest Services at 720.420.8400

Custom Thanksgiving orders
Besides all the Thanksgiving specialty options featured on our menu, we can custom make anything you need, from specialty cheese platters and fruit platters to Thanksgiving centerpieces. Just call Guest Services and they will take care of you.

Please place your custom & specialty orders by Tuesday, Nov. 22nd
To guarantee your order, we kindly ask that you place your order by Tuesday, Nov. 22nd. We make all our our offerings in house, from scratch, and some of our specialty items on our menu are from 3rd party, local businesses. This 48-hour heads-up ensures that our chefs and bakers have enough time to home make your goodies.

24 hours notice is greatly appreciated if you want to cancel your order.
We do not charge a cancellation fee, because we all change our minds sometimes and that’s ok.

Recommended pick up times
We’re here to make your life as easy as possible, so just let us know when placing your order what day works best for you to pick up your Thanksgiving delights. We do recommend that you pick your order up sometime between the 22nd and 24th, so your food is as fresh and tasty as can be.  

Free delivery
If you can’t make it in to pick up your goodies, no worries. We shop for you and deliver to you for FREE! For more details, click here.

Thanksgiving Hours
We are open 7am to 2pm on Thanksgiving so we can help you with any last minute details. On Black Friday, we have our everyday hours from 7am to 10pm.

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