Assistant Store Director

Mary is a born and bred Colorado native. She initially attended CU for business before pursuing dietetics at CSU. Ultimately, Mary ended up at Naropa where she rounded out her passion for holistic health with a degree in Psychology of Health and Healing.

Being the manager of Alfalfa’s Coffee and Juice Bar is a perfect fit for Mary. It allows her to be in the presence of that which means most to her: people and health. She loves to practice a balance between leadership, teamwork, and empowerment on a daily basis. Her team has become a community within a community, where they not only get to serve the very best local and organic products, but also get to form lasting relationships with each other and with Alfalfa’s customers. Her team shares a common ground of wanting only the best food and nutrients for the Boulder community.

“My favorite item that we offer is the Dirty Nico with lemon and ginger. It’s truly the perfect ‘starter juice,’ because of its balance of hearty greens and crisp sweetness, and it always reminds me a bit of my grandma. As she always used to say, ‘Here’s to your liver, lover!’”

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