Vendor Information

Greetings and welcome!

Whether you are a new or existing vendor, everything you need can be found right here. If you have any questions that are not covered here please contact your buyer.

Buyer contact info:

Grocery – Mark
Wellness – Jason
Floral – Shelly
Produce – Claris
Cheese and Specialty – Rachel
Meat and Seafood – Will
Bakery – Shannon

New and existing vendor information:

For new item submissions or to change a current item, please fill out the submission form  found HERE. Please email your completed form to the appropriate manager who will be approving item or not. (email addresses above)

  • You only need to fill out the BLUE highlighted columns before submitting a new item, then our team will fill out the rest. (Remember, brokers = BLUE)
    • The columns are as follows: UPC, Vendor Name, Brand, Item Description, Size, Unit of Measure, Unit Cost and SRP

New Vendors can find a W9 form HERE
Certificate of insurance naming Alfalfa’s Market INC as additionally insured will also be necessary to set you up as a vendor. COI can be found HERE

Please email your complete W9 and COI to

Promotions and Co-op Advertising information:

If you would like to take part in our sales flyer, run a sale on your product, or learn about other co-op advertising opportunities, see below.

  • Please take a look at the promotional calendar and submit the promotion before the deadline.
  • ADs We have many co-op advertising opportunities, a quick overview can be found on the rate sheet below.
    • For $400, you can have items featured in our online and in-store flyer (~14,000 impressions per every two-week flyer)
    • If you have a brand where half the items are in an ad, and half are not, please separate the items. Do not duplicate AD items on your TPR.
  • Every brand needs to be on a separate promotion form
  • Utilizing the form:
    • Rename it with the Brand, the month it applies to, and if it is an Ad, Scanback, OI, or MCB. If multiple apply, add multiple* (*Ads still need to be separate). If you do not distribute through UNFI add “INDY” to the end.
      • Example 1:  GoddessGarden_Aug_MCB_INDY
      • Example 2: Aldens_Oct_Scanback_MCB
  • Promotions need to be submitted to and . If the brand does not distribute through UNFI, submit them only to

Promotion approvals.

  • We are currently accepting most of our promotions
  • In the future, we will send out the complete approved promotion file prior to the tags landing in-store.

Find our promotional calendar HERE
Promo submission form and co-op advertising order form HERE
Co-op advertising rate sheet HERE

In Store Demo Information:

We love it when our vendor partners demo and sample their products at our stores. It’s easy to set up a demo at Alfalfa’s and best of all – it’s FREE! What a perfect way to engage with customers and invite them to try before they buy!
Simply contact guest services at the location you would like to demo at… easy!
Boulder Guest Services 

Louisville Guest Services