Vendor Information

Greetings and welcome!

Whether you are a new or existing vendor, everything you need can be found right here. If you have any questions that are not covered here please contact your buyer.

Buyer contact info:

Grocery – Mark
Wellness – Jason
Floral – Shelly
Produce – Claris
Cheese and Specialty – Rachel
Meat and Seafood – Will
Bakery – Shannon

New and existing vendor information:

For new item submissions or to change a current item, please fill out the submission form  found HERE. Please email your completed form to the appropriate manager who will be approving item or not. (email addresses above)

  • You only need to fill out the BLUE highlighted columns before submitting a new item, then our team will fill out the rest. (Remember, brokers = BLUE)
    • The columns are as follows: UPC, Vendor Name, Brand, Item Description, Size, Unit of Measure, Unit Cost and SRP

New Vendors can find a W9 form HERE
Certificate of insurance naming Alfalfa’s Market INC as additionally insured will also be necessary to set you up as a vendor. COI can be found HERE

Please email your complete W9 and COI to

Promotions and Co-op Advertising information:

If you would like to take part in our sales flyer, run a sale on your product, or learn about other co-op advertising opportunities, see below.

  • Please take a look at the promotional calendar and submit the promotion before the deadline.
  • ADs We have many co-op advertising opportunities, a quick overview can be found on the rate sheet below.
    • For $400, you can have items featured in our online and in-store flyer (~14,000 impressions per every two-week flyer)
    • If you have a brand where half the items are in an ad, and half are not, please separate the items. Do not duplicate AD items on your TPR.
  • Every brand needs to be on a separate promotion form
  • Utilizing the form:
    • Rename it with the Brand, the month it applies to, and if it is an Ad, Scanback, OI, or MCB. If multiple apply, add multiple* (*Ads still need to be separate). If you do not distribute through UNFI add “INDY” to the end.
      • Example 1:  GoddessGarden_Aug_MCB_INDY
      • Example 2: Aldens_Oct_Scanback_MCB
  • Promotions need to be submitted to and . If the brand does not distribute through UNFI, submit them only to

Promotion approvals.

  • We are currently accepting most of our promotions
  • In the future, we will send out the complete approved promotion file prior to the tags landing in-store.

Find our promotional calendar HERE
Promo submission form and co-op advertising order form HERE
Co-op advertising rate sheet HERE

In Store Demo Information:

We love it when our vendor partners demo and sample their products at our stores. It’s easy to set up a demo at Alfalfa’s and best of all – it’s FREE! What a perfect way to engage with customers and invite them to try before they buy!
Use this LINK to access the Alfalfa’s/Pruvi demo scheduling site. Sign up, set up and demo! Note: It is now required that your demo teams utilize the Pruvi portal, and they must read and agree to our demo guidelines and terms. Questions? Please contact